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Widex MOMENT Hearing Aids are now Available at all Focus Hearing Clinics

Moment is the latest complete family of hearing aids from Widex. Building on the success of the Widex Evoke family of hearing aids, the Widex Moment features PureSound™ technology for the most natural sounding hearing aid ever.

It is also now available in a Lithium Ion rechargeable RIC style hearing aid, which also happens to be the smallest rechargeable RIC hearing aid on the market today.

Widex Moment is both a completely automatic hearing aid , and it can also learn your individual preferences and apply these automatically when the hearing aids are in that same situation again.

Widex Moment hearing aids are available in a range of technology levels from Premium (440) through to Basic (110) to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Full Feature List and Pricing

Exclusive Features Of Widex Moment

PureSound™ Technology

PureSound Technology represents the most natural sounding hearing aid on the market. Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid arrives at the the eardrum later than direct sound, causing the hearing aid to sound ‘tinny’. This is especially the case for wearers of the most popular open-ear style of hearing aids for those with a mild to moderate high frequency hearing loss.

While many wearers adapted to the ‘tinny’ sound over time, thanks to the ultrafast ZeroDelay™ pathway in the Widex Moment hearing aids, this is now no longer an issue for new wearers of hearing aids.

Note, the PureSound feature is exclusive to the discreet and ultra comfortable RIC style hearing aids

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Available Styles

Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) Style

Widex Moment Hearing Aid Sydney
Widex Hearing Aid iPhone

Widex Moment is available in either the most popular, discreet and fully featured RIC style hearing aids or in custom in-the-ear hearing aids.

RIC stands for Receiver In Canal, where the small hearing aid sits behind the ear with a very thin wire that discreetly contours to the shape of the ear to deliver the sound in to the ear canal. Because the RIC is fully featured and the most comfortable to wear it is the most popular style people request.

Moment represents Widex’s first Lithium-Ion rechargeable hearing aid which also just happens to be the smallest rechargeable RIC hearing aid on the market today.

The RIC 312D and mRIC RD (Rechargeable) are also Made for iPhone, meaning you can stream phone calls and any other media, such as music, directly from your iPhone to the hearing aids.

Invisible In Ear Style

You can also choose Widex Moment in custom in-the-ear styles including the smallest completely-in-canal (CIC) style for the most discreet option.

Even the smallest Widex Moment hearing aids are still packed with features including: the SoundSense Adapt learning feature and the Fluid Sound Analyzer which automatically adjusts for different listening situations.

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Invisible Widex Hearing Aid

Widex Moment Hearing Technology

Sound Class Technology

At the heart of every Widex Moment hearing aid is the proven sound processing system called Sound Class Technology. This is a system which automatically identifies up to 11 different sound classes (listening environments) to ensure the hearing aid automatically adjusts itself to the most appropriate settings no matter where you are wearing them, even in loud restaurants, parties or listening to music.

Two of the eleven sound classes are brand new: ‘Social’ which maximises performance in small group situations, and ‘Music’ which has two variations (Contemporary and Classical). The number of sound classes from which the hearing aid can automatically select will depend on the Widex moment technology level. Click on the Full Feature List and Pricing button above to see a detailed overview of the different technology levels.

Widex Moment Hearing Aids Sydney

SoundSense Learn

SoundSense Learn is a feature available in the Widex Moment mRIC RD and RIC 312D hearing aids. Available with the Widex Moment App, SoundSense Learn allows the user to listen to two sound profiles (via a simple A/B comparison) and choose the one that they prefer. The more the user compares profiles, the more Moment learns about their preferences to then optimise the listening experience.

Users can then save these settings as a ‘favourite program’ and use this program the next time they are in this situation.

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SoundSense Adapt

SoundSense Adapt is a learning feature in all Widex Moment hearing aids. Although the Moment hearing aids will automatically adjust to each listening situation via the Sound Class technology, users can make adjustments (eg volume) to the hearing aid via the Widex TONELINK App.

When the user makes consistent adjustments in specific listening situations, the SoundSense Adapt feature will then remember and apply their preferences.

Widex Evoke Tonelink App

DEX Accessories

In addition to the Made for iPhone functionality, Moment is also compatible with the full range of DEX accessories from Widex. This means that if you are an Android phone user, or you wish to stream audio from your PC, pairing your Widex Moment hearing aids with the COM-DEX system allows you to instantly stream phone calls or music directly into your hearing aids. It is available in three stylish colours to reflect your personality: Champagne White, Anthracite Grey and Emerald Green.


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