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Signia AX hearing aids represents the latest hearing aid technology from Signia (previously Siemens Hearing Instruments).

AX stands for ‘Augmented Xperience’ and changes the way you hear the world. The new platform uses  proprietary Augmented Focus™ technology which enables the system to process speech and background noise (from beside and behind) separately to create a clear contrast.

Now you can experience the sound quality of the groundbreaking AX platform in the discreet, award winning Styletto design. The convenience of the ultra-portable charging case is ideal for those with an active lifestyle

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Styletto AX Overview

  • Two dedicated processors, one for processing sounds voices from in front of the wearer and the other processing all other sounds from beside and behind.
  • Convenient on-the-go charging via the portable charging case, ideal for those with an active lifestyle
  • IP68 Moisture and Dust Rating: highest moisture rating available.
  • Signia Styletto AX is available in a range of colours to match your hair or skin tones (see below)
  • Direct audio streaming from iPhone and compatible Android Smartphones
  • Available in range of technology levels to suit your lifestyle and budget.
  • Remote programming via Telecare and the Signia app
Signia Styletto AX Full Feature List and Pricing
Signia AX Styletto
Signia Styletto AX Snow White & Silver
Snow White and Silver
Signia Styletto AX Snow White & Rose Gold
Snow White and Rose Gold
Signia Styletto AX Snow White & Finegold
Snow White and Fine Gold
Signia Styletto AX Cosmic Blue & Silver
Cosmic Blue and Silver
Signia Styletto AX Cosmic Blue & Rose Gold
Cosmic Blue and Rose Gold
Signia Styletto AX Black & Silver
Black and Silver
Signia Styletto AX Black and Graphite
Black and Graphite
Black and Fine Gold

Signia AX: Key Features

Augmented Xperience

Traditionally, hearing aids have used a single processor to process all sounds, no matter what those sounds were and which direction they were coming from. In doing so, certain computing decisions and compromises were made, resulting in a less than optimum outcome.

With Augmented Xperience, two separate processors can independently process sounds depending on where they are coming from. One processor can focus and optimise sounds which are important ie speech coming from in front of the wearer. While the other processor is free to control and where necessary reduce the background sounds, whilst maintaining a level of awareness of the environment.

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Signia AX Hearing Aids Sydney
Signia AX Styletto Auto EchoShield

Upgraded Feature: Auto EchoSheild

Auto EchoShield analyses the room acoustics and automatically adjusts signal processing to optimise speech clarity and signal quality in high and low reverberation environments.

Auto EchoSheild is only available at the premium 7AX performance level.

Styletto AX charger

Rechargeable Signia AX

With Signia AX you never have to worry about changing batteries again. Styletto AX is available as a rechargeable hearing aid. Styletto AX only takes 3 hours to achieve full charge which then delivers 17 hours of use (including up to 5 hours of Bluetooth streaming).

The pocket size charging case is enabled with Qi wireless technology enabling you to charge your hearing aids via a charging pad. Wherever you go, the Styletto AX goes with you. Furthermore the charger has an in-built battery allowing 4 days of charging your hearing aids without power.

Signia AX Hearing Aids Sydney OVP

Signia AX: Own Voice Processing

OVP™ provides the most natural sounding own voice experience. Signia AX hearing aids are able to identify the wearer’s own voice separately to other voices in the environment via its revolutionary dual processing.

This feature was recently further enhanced with OVP 2.0 which harnesses the split processing technology of the AX platform for an even more comfortable own voice experience.

OVP 2.0 is available in all technology levels for the Styletto AX

Signia AX Hearing Aids Dynamic Range

Signia AX: Increased Dynamic Range

The new Signia AX hearing aids have an improved dynamic range which refers to the level (volume) of sound they can replicate before any distortion of the original sound. Signia AX can handle signals up to 117dB with great sound quality.

This allows for excellent, full sound quality with no distortion in loud environments such as noisy restaurants or at music concerts.

Signia AX Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Signia AX: Direct streaming for iOS and Android

Signia AX offers direct streaming of audio for both iOS and ASHA-compatible Android smartphones. AX delivers the signal of a streaming input independently from other signals, ensuring that the sound is even clearer and easier to optimise.

New Feature: HandsFree for iOS lets wearers enjoy calls hands-free, even in noisy environments while the hearing aid’s microphone lets conversation partners hear the wearer’s voice in high quality.


Signia AX CROS Hearing Aid

Signia AX CROS

Signia AX is available in a fully featured, rechargeable CROS system for those with Single-Sided Deafness (SSD).

With some manufacturers of CROS systems we have to compromise on certain features eg rechargeability, adjustable sound balance between the CROS side and hearing side or Bluetooth streaming. However, with Signia AX all features are available in their CROS system which is why it is Focus Hearing’s go-to CROS system.

Signia Hearing Aids App

Signia App

With the new Signia app, you can make adjustments to your Signia AX hearing aids, and receive direct individual support from your clinician.

The Signia app integrates all the functionalities of the previous apps, including connectivity, remote control, the Signia Assistant and TeleCare into one simple to use app.

A new feature for Signia AX hearing aids is the Signia Assistant which provides supports  24/7 in the form of intuitive text-based dialogue. Easy to learn, it offers tailored sound adjustments when needed and how-to videos to answers handling questions.

Signia Nx Hearing Aids smartphone

Signia Telecare

Signia AX hearing aid wearers can contact their hearing care professional any time remotely from the comfort of their own home via the Signia app.

With TeleCare you can have any issues solved quickly by making adjustments remotely. TeleCare also allows you to communicate live via voice or video during the remote session

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