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ReSound One is the latest hearing aid technology from GN ReSound. It is the world’s first hearing aid to feature BOTH the microphone and receiver (speaker) in the ear and is now available at our Focus Hearing clinic in Sydney.

Other features exclusive to the ReSound One platform include:

  • M&RIE (Microphone and Receiver In The Ear) – their most natural sounding hearing aid ever
  • All Access Directionality – automatically adjusts for optimum hearing clarity in all situations
  • Ultra Focus – for the best one to one listening experience in high noise areas

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ReSound One Overview

GN ReSound has redesigned the ReSound One hearing aid from both the inside and outside. A completely new shape and colour options make for the ultimate in discretion. In addition ReSound has developed a new sound processor with 50% more processing power and significantly more memory enabling it to perform complex calculations with no compromise in battery life.

ReSound One also enables Bluetooth streaming of phone calls and other media from iPhones and select Android Smartphones without thee need for an extra accessory. Your Focus Hearing audiologist can assist in determining if your Android phone is compatible.

ReSound One Feature Overview and Pricing

Key Features Of ReSound One

Resound One Microphone In Ear

*NEW* M&RIE Microphone and Receiver In Ear

Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aids have been the most popular style of hearing aids for many years now, due to their advanced features including rechargeability and Bluetooth streaming, superior comfort for long term wear, ultra discreet style and their ability to let you hear naturally. However, it has not been without some limitations including the position of the microphones at the top of the ear, which means we lose some of the natural cues we would otherwise receive from the folds and crevices of our pinna (outer ear).

GN ReSound has spent years developing the M&RIE which places an addition microphone in-the-ear which clinical trials have resulted in a more natural sound quality and clarity, improved sound localisation and reduced wind noise when worn in windy environments.

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*NEW* All Access Directionality

Directional microphones have long been the way manufacturers have attempted to provide improved hearing clarity in background noise. However, listening in groups and background noise is very dynamic meaning sometimes you want to hear what’s in front of you while other times you need to hear someone taking from beside or behind you.

GN ReSound has developed a brand new strategy called All Access Directionality which utilises 3 different directional strategies ie all round listening, front focus directionality and a blend of these two settings.

All Access Directionality will automatically adjust to which of the three options is most optimal for that listening environment.

Resound One All Access Directionality
Resound One Ultra Focus Hearing Aid mona vale

*NEW* Ultra Focus

There are some situations where a hearing aid user might want only to focus on speech in a one-to-one conversation with someone they are facing. Ultra Focus is a user selectable program offered for the first time in ReSound ONE hearing aids. It allows users to override automatic settings in these special circumstances.

Ultra Focus is easily accessed via the Smartphone app or via on board controls of the hearing aid.

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Industry Leading Rechargeability

ReSound One is available at our Sydney hearing clinic with lithium-ion (Li-Ion) rechargeable batteries.  It only takes three hours to fully charge the hearing aids (usually done overnight), and this then provides up to 30 hours of standard use.

The rechargeable ReSound One hearing aids supplied by Focus Hearing all come with the standard charger included. There is an optional Premium charger at an additional cost which has an onboard battery, meaning if you do not have access to power it will store enough power to charge your hearing aid 3 times (equating to at least 3 days of use).

Resound One Rechargeable Hearing Aid prices

Bluetooth Connectivity

GN ReSound was one of the first manufacturers to launch a hearing aid with direct streaming of phone calls and media from an iPhone. With ReSound One, Bluetooth connectivity has continued to improve with direct audio connections to iPhone and a large number of Android smartphones. A full list of compatible Android phones is available on request.

In addition, with the ReSound Smart 3D app you can wirelessly control the hearing aid settings and also connect to ReSound’s range of wireless accessories such as the TV streamer or Remote Microphone for unparalleled hearing clarity over a significant distance.

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Resound One Bluetooth Hearing Aid in Sydney
ReSound Assist One Hearing Aids

ReSound Smart 3D app

The ReSound Smart 3D™ allows you to discretely control the hearing aid settings, monitor battery status and link with ReSound’s range of accessories. The ReSound Smart 3D app also allows for remote, at home hearing care including remote fine-tuning adjustments of your hearing aids without leaving your home or office. Called ReSound Assist this is particularly useful for busy professionals, patients with poor mobility or difficulty attending appointments, and those comfortable with such technology.

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