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Focus Hearing specialises in the fitting of invisible hearing aids for those who are looking for only the most discrete option to improve their hearing clarity. Invisible hearing aids are referred to as ‘Invisible-In-Canal’ (IIC) hearing aids.

While most manufacturers will offer an IIC hearing aid in their portfolio, it is important to note that their latest technology is not always available in the IIC style. In fact, with some manufacturers, sometimes the IIC technology can be two or even three generations old . Therefore it is important to make sure you are getting the best independent advise possible.

Oticon Invisible In Ear Hearing Aids Sydney

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Starkey Evolv Invisible Hearing Aid

Important Facts About IIC Hearing Aids

  • A consultation with the audiologist at Focus Hearing is essential, so they can assess your hearing and physical shape of your ear canal to ensure suitability to the IIC style
  • IIC hearing aids are not suitable for those with chronic outer ear infections, excessive ear wax production or skin conditions
  • IIC hearing aids require the audiologist to take an impression of your ear canals so the IIC hearing aid can be moulded to the exact shape of your canal
  • Due to their tiny size, IIC hearing aids are not available with rechargeable batteries or Bluetooth compatibility, therefore relatively good dexterity is recommended

Brands We Recommend

Focus Hearing is an independent hearing aid clinic (ie we are not owned or affiliated with any particular manufacturer), which puts us in the unique position of being able to recommend the option that best suits your hearing and listening needs.

The IIC options listed below are those we believe have industry leading features, and they are the brands in which we have the most patient satisfaction. This is intended as a guide to understand the key features of each.

An appointment with our IIC specialist will help you understand ALL the features and benefits of each option to ensure you get the best outcome for your individual needs.

Oticon Opn Hearing Aids Sydney
In Ear Oticon Opn Hearing Aid Sydney
  • Prices starting from $2300 per ear
  • First IIC hearing aid to use OpenSound Navigator
  • Analyses the sound environment in 360°
  • Smallest hearing aid ever produced by Oticon
  • Requires custom made shell for an exact fit
  • Built on the outstanding success of the Opn platform
  • Available in 3 levels of technology
More Info Opn IIC
Starkey Evolv IIC Hearing Aid Logo
Starkey Evolv IIC Hearing Aid
  • Prices starting from $2475 per ear
  • Consistently one of the smallest devices on the market
  • Automatically performs 55Million adjustments per hour
  • Excellent fit and acceptance
  • Built on Starkey’s latest Evolv platform
  • Available in 3 levels of technology
Widex Moment Hearing Aids Sydney
Widex Moment mCIC Hearing Aid
  • Prices starting from $2030 per ear
  • Built on Widex’s newest platform, Moment
  • Experience the pure and natural Moment sound
  • Compatible with ToneLink Smartphone app
  • Available in 4 levels of technology

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