Widex Moment Hearing Aid Pricing Sydney

Focus Hearing offers the latest hearing aid technology from Widex, including the brand new release called Moment, featuring the ground braking PureSound™ feature delivering the most natural sounding hearing aid ever. The rechargeable Widex Moment RIC isalso the smallest rechargeable RIC on the market.

The Widex Moment hearing aids are available in a range of technology levels from Premium (440), Advanced (330), Essential (220) and Basic (110) to suit your lifestyle and budget. Hover over each feature listed below to get a detailed description.

  • Price (per ear)
  • Detail
  • Pure Sound Technology
  • TruAcoustics
  • Sound Class Technology
  • SmartWind Manager
  • High Frequency Boost
  • Impact Program
  • Speech Enhancer
  • SoundSense Learn (SSL)
  • SoundSense Adapt (SSA)
  • TruSound Softener
  • Directional Focus
  • Made For iPhone
  • Soft Level Noise Reduction
  • True-Input Technology
  • Noise Reduction Comfort
  • Feedback Cancellation
  • Processing Channels
Premium (440)
  • From $3545
  • All Styles
  • 11 Classes (IE)
  • RIC style only
  • 15
Advanced (330)
  • From $3050
  • All Styles
  • 7 Classes (IE)
  • RIC style only
  • 12
Standard (220)
  • From $2320
  • All styles
  • 4 Classes
  • RIC style only
  • 10
Basic (110)
  • From $1960
  • All Styles
  • 3 Classes
  • RIC style only
  • 6

*Price listed above is per hearing aid when fitted binaurally (ie a pair)

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