Signia Hearing Aids Sydney

In January 2016 Siemens Hearing Instruments, were re-branded as Signia. The parent company WS Audiology remains one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturers, employing over 5000 people and distribute their hearing aids to over 120 countries.

Signia offer a full portfolio of hearing aids for all budgets and lifestyle. Focus Hearing is proud to be an approved supplier of Signia hearing aids, and will help you to understand the choices available.

Latest Hearing Aid Technology: Signia AX

In 2021, Signia changed the game with the launch of the newest hearing aid family called Augmented Xperience (AX). The unique feature of AX is the two separate sound processors. This revolutionary split processing approach, called Augmented Focus, processes speech separately from the surrounding sounds, then recombines them for clear contrast. Wearers experience outstanding speech clarity in a fully immersive environment. No more straining to discern speech from background noise.

Signia AX hearing aids are available in a full range of styles and technology levels to suit your lifestyle and budget

Signia AX Hearing Aids Sydney

Signia AX: Available Styles

Styletto AX

With its award winning ultra discreet design and on-the-go charging giving 17 hours use on a single charge , Styletto AX is ideal for those with a busy and active lifestyle.

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Insio In-Ear AX

Signia Insio AX Hearing Aids

The fully featured, rechargeable, customised in-ear Insio is very easy to handle making it a great option for those with reduced dexterity and management

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Pure AX

Signia Pure AX Rechargeable

Pure AX is available as either a rechargeable or conventional disposable battery option. The conventional design is available in a range of colours for a discreet fully featured solution

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Signia Insio

Insio is a custom option which is shaped exactly to the shape of the ear canal. It is available in a full range of custom devices from the near invisible Completely-In-Canal (CIC) option which features an industry first one-mic directionality system for improved hearing in background noise, to the full size ITE style. It is available in a power matrix for those with a very significant hearing loss who do not want to or are unable to wear a Behind-The-Ear instrument.

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Signia Silk X

Invisible Silk Nx Sydney
Signia Silk X Details

Signia Silk X are a ready-to-wear, instant fit, virtually invisible hearing aid. Using an innovative, interchangeable sleeve system the Signia Silk Nx fits approximately 80% of ears.

For those requiring a hearing aid in each ear, Silk X offer’s the world’s first directional microphone system in a completely-in-canal style.

It is also compatible with the iPhone and Android smartphone Signia app allowing for discreet control of the hearing devices directly from your smartphone.

Signia TeleCare

Signia myHearing app
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Using the Signia myHearing app you can receive personalised care wherever you are. This means less visits to the audiology clinic for hearing aid adjustments. This feature is especially useful for those people who live a significant distance from the clinic or those who have limited mobility making trips to the clinic difficult.

The audiologist at Focus Hearing can send a new hearing aid setting to your Smartphone and all you need to do is press on the link to upload the new settings. You can then give immediate feedback on how it sounds.

The myHearing app also allows you to give feedback to your audiologist on how you are progressing with your new hearing aids and whether you need extra assistance.

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