Hearing Aid Price Guarantee

At Focus Hearing we have tailored our services specifically to the privately funded hearing aid wearers of Australia, which enables us to offer our hearing aids at prices significantly lower than the manufacturer owned chains that dominate the Australian market.

Our pricing has been carefully calculated to ensure you are not only able to obtain hearing hearings at fair and reasonable prices, but to also ensure we will be around for years to come to support your hearing health care.

Unlike some new hearing aid providers, we are not in a ‘race to the bottom’ as far as pricing and service is concerned. Our interest is to provide you with the best possible experience and outcomes regarding your hearing health care.

30 day Money Back Guarantee

As an experienced hearing aid user, it doesn’t take very long to determine whether your new hearing aids are suited to your needs. However, despite this we still offer you a ‘no questions asked’ 30 day money back guarantee to give you total peace of mind.

Our 30 day money back guarantee is in addition to the full manufacturer’s warranty, which is usually 2-3 years from the date of purchase. Extended manufacturer’s warranties can be requested at the time of ordering the hearing aid. The cost of the extended warranty will be added to the final hearing aid invoice.