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Opn Feature List and Pricing

Oticon Opn Options and Styles

Following on from the outstanding success of the Oticon Opn hearing aids that were initially only available in the behind-the-ear style, Oticon have now released the groundbreaking Opn technology in custom in-ear devices, including the invisible-in-canal (IIC) style.

Opn IIC hearing aids are available in three technology levels to suit your lifestyle and budget: Opn 1 (Premium), Opn 2 (Advanced) and Opn 3 (Essential). In addition, all hearing aids in the Opn family (including the IIC) feature the unique Open Sound Navigator™ feature discussed in more detail below.

The Opn IIC hearing aid is Oticon’s smallest hearing aid they have ever developed. Furthermore, despite its tiny size, with an expanded fitting range, it is now suitable for a higher percentage of patients whether they have a mild or moderately severe hearing loss.

Invisible In Ear Oticon Opn Sydney

Custom Made IIC

The new invisible in canal (IIC) Oticon Opn hearing aid is custom shaped to each person’s ear canal. It is also available in three colour options to match skin tones for the ultimate in discretion.


Invisible Oticon Opn Hearing Aid
Invisible In Ear Oticon Opn
Invisible In Ear Oticon Opn

Key Features and Benefits

The New Open Sound Experience

Previous hearing aids would attempt to help people hear in background noise with directional microphone technology, where the hearing aids would focus predominantly on the speaker directly in front of the person. Which meant that the person often missed important information from those who were seated beside or around them.
However, with Oticon Opn and its groundbreaking new ‘Velux’ platform, it processes sound 50 times faster which allows it to follow rapidly changing conversations with multiple speakers in in noisy sound environments. The new Opn technology gives access to all speakers and lets you decide what you want to focus on.

Oticon Opn Directional
Oticon Opn Icon

OpenSound Navigator

These benefits are delivered by Oticon OpenSound Navigator™. The OpenSound Navigator scans the environment 100 times per second, balancing the sound sources and can even reduce noise between words.

OpenSound Navigator provides fast and efficient sound analysis to also reduce unwanted background noise. This allows you to detect and hear important speech sounds from all directions in the environment.

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