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Phonak is one of the world’s largest manufacturer’s of hearing aids. It’s headquarters are based in Switzerland and it is part of the large Sonova group. Phonak has been manufacturing hearing aids for over 60 years.

Phonak develops a full range of digital hearing aids and are committed to improving the lives of the hearing impaired around the world.

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Below you will find a description of Phonak’s latest hearing aids. Each product family is available in a range of technology levels to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Audeo Paradise

Phonak Marvel Hearing Aid Sydney

The newest member of the Phonak portfolio is called Paradise. Phonak Audéo™ Paradise provides you with exceptional sound quality, universal connectivity and personalized digital solutions. Choose between rechargeable or conventional batteries, Audeo Paradise is available in the following form factors

  • Audeo Paradise: fully featured rechargeable hearing aid
  • Audeo Fit: rechargeable and waterproof solution
  • Audeo Life: ability to track heart rate, steps and activity
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Virto Paradise

Phonak Virto P90

Virto refers to Phonak’s custom made in-ear solutions and now these are available in the Paradise family. Custom-made to perfectly fit your ears and listening needs, Virto Paradise gives you the exceptional sound quality of the Paradise platform previously only available in the behind the ear style. Virto Paradise is available as:

  • In-The-Canal style: fully featured ITC style with full Bluetooth connectivity and a standard 312 battery
  • Completely-In-Canal: Virto Paradise Titanium is for those wanting a discreet in-ear solution

Naida Paradise

Phonak Naida Paradise P90

Naida Paradise is designed for those with a severe to profound hearing loss. Naida Paradise offers powerful yet clear sound quality and full Bluetooth connectivity to Smartphones. Phonak Naída Paradise allow for up to eight Bluetooth-enabled devices to be paired, while two can be simultaneously connected.

In addition, Naida is compatible with Phonak’s groundbreaking Roger assistive listening devices for optimal hearing in high level background noise or over a distance

myPhonak App

myPhonak App 4.0

With the latest version of the myPhonak app the user can:

  • Control volume and select programs
  • Create your own preferred settings and programs
  • Adjust the Noise Cancellation feature
  • Get real-time hearing aid adjustments
  • Check on the status of the connected hearing aids eg battery life

Roger™ Wireless Technology

Phonak Roger Select and Audeo Paradise

The ability to hear clearly in background noise would be the number one request we receive in the clinic. While hearing aid technology makes this significantly easier for many people, there can still be times where the hearing aid wearer need extra assistance in background noise or listening over a distance. That’s where Phonak Roger can really help. We consider it a way of ‘supercharging your hearing aids’.

Place the Roger Bluetooth receiver on the table or have your loved one wear the stylish transmitter on their person, and stream the speech directly to your Phonak Paradise hearing aids for crystal clear speech understanding.

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