Siemens Pure 13 BT Primax

Siemens Pure BT Primax

Pure 13 BT primax is the latest addition to the primax family of hearing aids by Siemens. It represents Siemens entry into the ‘Made for iPhone’ range of hearing aids. Pure BT primax is available in the most popular hearing aid style offered by Siemens, being the Receiver In Canal for the ultimate in comfort and discretion. It has a size 13 battery allowing for extended battery life when streaming audio and offers a variety of colours.

Like the entire primax family, Pure BT is available in a range of technology levels to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Pure BT Features and Pricing

Pure BT: Combining Connectivity with Groundbreaking Hearing Aid Technology

  • Pure BT primax offers direct streaming from your iPhone using low energy 2.4GHz Bluetooth, and connectivity to the myControl app.
  • TeleCare 2.0: your clinician can fine tune your Pure BT primax remotely via the myHearing app, meaning adjustments can be made without the need to travel to the clinician’s office
  • Primax Star: improved sound processing building on the outstanding success of the primax platform.
Primax Pure BT Brochure
Siemens Pure Primax BT Hearing Aid

Primax Star

All Pure BT primax hearing aids are built on the new Primax Star platform. Primax star takes all the features of the groundbreaking primax platform and enhances this with motion sensor technology. Conventional hearing aids will make decisions on the best setting based solely on the acoustic environment ie whether there is background noise present or not. Primax star also determines whether you are sitting still or out for a walk/run and will automatically control for this allowing for unsurpassed hearing clarity both in quiet and background noise.

Siemens Pure BT Primax Hearing Aid
Siemens Primax SoundMaster

Primax SpeechMaster

SpeechMaster is the high level processing that orchestrates three key technologies:

  • Noise Reduction: to reduce background noise
  • Directionality: focuses on the direction of the desired speaker
  • Amplification: elevates the dominant speaker over all other sounds in any environment

SpeechMaster results in significantly reduces listening effort.

HD Music

The HD Music program delivers outstanding music fidelity for an amazing listening experience. Music lovers will appreciate the fuller, richer sound produced by Primax. Furthermore, the HD Music program can be fine tuned to be optimized for 3 unique forms of music:

  • Live Music – for those who attend live music venues, from classical or rock performances
  • Recorded Music – delivers an optimum sound quality for those who appreciate relaxing and listening to recorded music at home
  • Musician – a unique setting designed for musicians with hearing loss.
Siemens Primax HD Music
Siemens Primax EchoShield


EchoShield reduces echo in reverberant environments such as halls and churches by softening the reflected sound, resulting in improved sound clarity and reduced listening effort.

Siemens Silk Nx TwinPhone


TwinPhone is compatible with all phones which enables the wearer to hear the telephone conversation through both hearing aids for significantly improved telephone conversations without the need for an additional accessory.

MyControl App

The myControl app has been specifically designed for the Pure BT primax hearing aid family. MyControl allows for the wearer to easily and discretely access the volume and programs within their hearing aids. It also gives the wearer access to information such as daily sound exposure levels.

The my Control app also sends information to the hearing aids via the iPhone motion sensor, telling the hearing if you are on the move or stationary. This information, in addition to the acoustic information ensures the hearing aids automatically adjust to every situation for the ultimate in hearing clarity.

Full Connectivity

Pure BT primax is a Made for iPhone hearing aid, meaning wearers can stream audio such as phone calls, video audio and music directly from their iPhone to their Pure BT hearing aids, without the need for any other neck worn accessory.

In addition, using the all-new Streamline TV adaptor, you can stream TV audio directly to the hearing aids. Wearers can also adjust the TV volume and sound quality via the my Control app.

Siemens Signia Streamline TV