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Opn Feature List and Pricing

Oticon Opn Options and Styles

Following on from the outstanding success of the Oticon Opn hearing aids that were initially only available in the behind-the-ear style, Oticon have now released the groundbreaking Opn technology in custom in-ear devices, including the invisible-in-canal (IIC) style.

All Opn hearing aids are available in three technology levels to suit your lifestyle and budget: Opn 1 (Premium), Opn 2 (Advanced) and Opn 3 (Essential). In addition, all hearing aids in the Opn family (including the IIC) feature the unique Open Sound Navigator™ feature discussed in more detail below.

In addition to groundbreaking hearing aid technology that outperforms previous generation hearing aids, the Opn range (excluding the IIC/CIC style) is also Oticon’s first ‘Made for iPhone’ hearing aid, meaning the hearing aids can connect wirelessly to your iPhone without the need for any addition accessories.

Focus Hearing has access to the full range of Oticon Opn styles available, with the more popular styles listed below.

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  • Oticon’s most popular style
  • Superior physical comfort
  • Very discreet styling
  • Available in a range of colours to match your hair/skin tones
  • Fully featured
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Made for iPhone technology
  • Optional rechargeable battery
  • Mild to severe losses
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Invisible In Canal (IIC)

  • Fully discreet style
  • Custom shaped to the ear canal
  • Smallest Opn available
  • Open Sound Navigator ™
  • Deep insertion helps to reduce wind noise
  • Not compatible with iPhone streaming
  • Not compatible with Oticon accessories
  • Mild to moderate hearing losses
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In The Canal (ITC)

  • Custom shaped to the ear canal
  • Fully featured style
  • Easy to handle for those with dexterity issues
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Made for iPhone direct streaming
  • Mild to severe losses
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20% Improvement Oticon Opn Hearing Aid

Reduction in listening effort*

20% Improvement Oticon Opn Hearing Aid

Improvement in memory capacity**

30% Improvement Oticon Opn Hearing Aid

Improvement in speech understanding in background noise*

* compared to previous premium level hearing aid by Oticon (Alta2)

** individual results may vary depending on hearing loss and therefore hearing aid settings

Key Features and Benefits

The New Open Sound Experience

Previous hearing aids would attempt to help people hear in background noise with directional microphone technology, where the hearing aids would focus predominantly on the speaker directly in front of the person. Which meant that the person often missed important information from those who were seated beside or around them.
However, with Oticon Opn and its groundbreaking new ‘Velux’ platform, it processes sound 50 times faster which allows it to follow rapidly changing conversations with multiple speakers in in noisy sound environments. The new Opn technology gives access to all speakers and lets you decide what you want to focus on.

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Oticon Opn Directional

These benefits are delivered by Oticon OpenSound Navigator™ and SpatialSound™ LX. The OpenSound Navigator scans the environments 100 times per second, balances the sound sources and can even reduce noise between words. Improved processing between the two hearing aids, delivers more precise information about which direction sounds are coming from.

Oticn Opn

New TwinLink™ Wireless Technology

World’s first dual wireless communicationfor best possible performance and accessory free connectivity with significantly lower battery consumption. The new Velux platform behind the Opn technology provides 200% faster NearField Communication for faster communication between the two hearing aids. 2.4GHz communication for accessory free connectivity to your devices such as a mobile phone.

Oticon Opn miniRITE Now Available With Rechargeable Option

Oticon have released a rechargeable kit for the Opn miniRITE family of hearing aids. The rechargeable option for the Opn hearing aids provides a significant level of convenience due to not having to change batteries regularly and you do not even have to open the battery door at night to turn the hearing aids off when charging.

In addition, if you forget to charge the batteries or you are without power you can simply put conventional batteries into your Opn hearing aids so you do not miss a thing.

A single overnight charge provides sufficient power for a standard days usage.

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Oticon Opn Rechargeable Hearing Aids Sydney
Oticon opn IP68

Outstanding Reliability with Oticon Opn

The Oticon Opn miniRITE hearing aid is nano-coated both inside and out to allow it to repel water molecules, which means you do not have to worry about wearing your hearing aids if it is raining or if you are undertaking an activity which means you will sweat excessively.
The Opn hearing aids have an IP68 rating against water and dust resistance.

Full Connectivity with Oticon Opn

Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

Oticon Opn wirelessly connects directly to your iPhone without the need for an additional neck worn accessory. The hearing aids double as a wireless headset which allows you to enjoy perfectly clear audio (from phone calls, music or video) streamed directly to the hearing aids.

This feature is available in the miniRITE, Behind-The-Ear and In-The-Ear styles

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Oticon Opn Made fro iPhone

ConnectClip: Hands-Free Streaming From All Smartphones

With the Oticon ConnectClip accessory, you can stream high quality sound to both hearing aids from either Android or iPhone, including phone calls, music and video audio, using 2.4GHz Bluetooth low energy technology.

This allows for stereo streaming to both ears, free from unwanted noise and low battery consumption.

Oticon On App

Oticon ON App

The new Oticon ON App allows you to seamlessly and discreetly control your hearing aids. You can adjust volume, change listening programs, access user instructions, check battery status or even use the ‘find my hearing aid’ feature if you happen to misplace your hearing aids.

Google Play App
Apple App Store

TV Adaptor 3.0

Wirelessly stream the TV dialogue directly to your Oticon Opn hearing aids without the need for a neck worn Bluetooth accessory. Set the volume to your preference for crystal clear audio. Anyone else in the room hears the TV normally.

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oticon tv adapter for hearing

Remote Control

If you do not have an iPhone to use the Oticon ON app, you can still discreetly regulate the colume, change programs or simply turn off your hearing aids with the very handy remote control from Oticon.

Cheap Oticon Opn remote Control

Connect To The Internet

With Oticon Opn and the Oticon ON App, you can access the IFTTT (If This Then That) internet based service which allows you to ‘connect’ your Opn hearing aids with a vast range of products and services such as home appliances, mobile phone, lighting systems, emails, calender events and many more. For example:

  • Receive notification in your hearing aids 15 minutes before an important calender event
  • Change your hearing aids into TV mode when you give a voice command
  • Receive text-to-voice notification into your hearing aids if someone rings your doorbell

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