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Paradise is the latest hearing aid technology from Phonak. Released in August 2020, Paradise builds on the success of the Marvel platform with a number of key features and improvements.

Features exclusive to the Paradise platform include:

  • Motion Sensor Hearing
  • Speech Enhancer
  • Dynamic Noise Cancellation
  • Tap Control

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Phonak Paradise Overview

Phonak have developed all new hardware for the Paradise platform. At the core of the Phonak Paradise hearing aid is an all new processor called PRISM, which represents a doubling of available memory allowing for more complex sound analysis and more connectivity options.

In addition to the PRISM chip, Paradise also uses a new motion sensor which facilitates new features such as Tap Control and Motion Sensor Hearing

An upgraded operating system called AutoSense OS 4.0 controls all the features of the Paradise hearing aid to automatically adjust to a wide variety of listening situations.

Paradise Feature Overview and Pricing
Phonak Paradise Overview

Key Features Of Phonak Paradise

Phonak AutoSense

*NEW* AutoSense OS 4.0

At the heart of every Phonak Paradise hearing aid is the brand new operating system AutoSense 4.0, which balances the amplification profile perfectly matched to your hearing loss with all the new automatic features such as Speech Enhancer, Dynamic Noise Cancellation and Motion Sensor Hearing. The end result is the best hearing clarity ever produced in a Phonak hearing aid.

AutoSense 4.0 will also automatically analyse the environment and then select the most appropriate setting.

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*NEW* Speech Enhancer

A common issue for those with a hearing loss is not only hearing clearly in background noise but also listening to very soft speech either when someone is whispering or listening over a distance. The new Speech Enhancer feature provides additional assistance for this problem.

Speech Enhancer is a only available in the Premium level technology (P90).

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Phonak Paradise Hearing
Phonak Paradise Sydney Dynamic Noise Cancellation

*NEW* Dynamic Noise Cancellation

The number one request we hear from hearing aid users is to hear well in social gatherings, or any areas with background noise. Listening in social situations is how we keep connected with loved ones and colleagues. In addition to the core features in every Phonak hearing aid designed to improve speech clarity in background noise, the new Dynamic Speech Cancellation feature provides significantly better speech understanding.

Users can also personalise the amount of noise cancellation in real time via the myPhonak app. Dynamic Speech Cancellation is a only available in the Premium level technology (P90).

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*NEW* Motion Sensor Hearing

It is important for a hearing aid to be able to determine whether the wearer is walking or stationary in order to provide the best setting for the directional microphone system eg, if you are out walking with a friend (who would typically be beside you) you would not want the directional microphone system to be focusing only on what is front of you. Therefore Phonak developed a new ultra-low power Motion Sensor that communicates with AutoSense 4.0 to ensure optimum directional settings are automatically maintained.

Motion Sensor Hearing is available in the Premium, Advanced and Standard technology levels (P90, P70 and P50).

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Phonak Paradise Sydney Motion Sensor

*NEW* Tap Control

The Tap Control feature was developed to improve ease of use for those wearing the Phonak Paradise hearing aids. The motion sensor is so sensitive that users can now simply double-tap the top of the ear or the hearing aid itself, in order to:

  • accept/end mobile phone calls
  • start/stop streaming
  • access smartphone voice assistant apps such as Siri and Google Assistant

Tap Control is available in the Premium and Advanced technology levels (P90, and P70).

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Industry Leading Connectivity

Building on the success of the Phonak Marvel platform which was the world’s first hearing aid family to stream all audio content (eg phone calls, music, podcasts) from both iOS (Apple) and Android phones, directly into both ears. The new PRISM processor in all Phonak Paradise hearing aids, now allows for up to eight (8) Bluetooth pairings and two (2) active Bluetooth connections at the same time.

For example, if you are streaming a movie from your iPad and your phone rings, you can seamlessly switch between the two. This feature is also extremely popular for those that carry two mobile phones eg a work phone and a personal phone

Phonak Marvel Sydney
Phonak Marvel TV Connector

Stream TV audio directly to your Phonak Paradise hearing aids via the new TV Connector accessory.

Using AirStream™ technology, the simple plug and play set up of the TV Connector allows for stereo sound quality so you never have to miss a word.

You can also easily adjust the volume and levels via the new, smart remote app.

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Rechargeable Models Available

Phonak Paradise is available with lithium-ion (Li-Ion) rechargeable batteries.  Apart from the obvious benefits of never having to change disposable batteries, Li-Ion technology has a number of other benefits, such as:

  • very stable, and reliable charging system
  • extremely quick charging cycle
  • full day of hearing on a single charge
  • improved ease of use eg for those with poor dexterity or memory, the hearing aids will automatically turn on when removed from the charger, and will also automatically turn off when placed in the charger.
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Rechargeable Phonak Marvel Sydney
phonak marvel hearing aid sydney

New myPhonak 4.0 app

The myPhonak app is your personalised hearing diary and communication channel between you and your Focus Hearing audiologist. The myPhonak app allows for Remote Support including remote fine-tuning adjustments of your hearing aids without leaving your home or office. This is particularly useful for busy professionals, patients with poor mobility or difficulty attending appointments, and those comfortable with such technology.


The Phonak Remote App, available from the Apple App store or Google Play store turns your smartphone into a discreet, wireless remote control for your Marvel hearing aids.

Via the app you can change hearing aid programs, adjust volume for both hearing aids. Even adjust the sound balance of the TV compared to the background noises in the room.

Phonak Remote App Logo

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