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March 2017 saw the release of the Bolero B range of hearing aids from Phonak. Bolero B joins the Audeo B and Virto B Titanium to the Belong family of hearing aids.
Bolero B is a conventional Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aid packed with the latest technology from Phonak.

Phonak Bolero B-M

Bolero B-M

Phonak Bolero B-P

Bolero B-P

Phonak Bolero B-SP

Bolero B-SP

Bolero B-PR

Bolero B-PR (Rechargeable)

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Key Features of the New Bolero B Range

  • Available in 4 fully featured models: discreet Bolero B-M, a power version Bolero B-P, a super power model for severe to profound hearing losses Bolero B-SP, and the fully rechargeable Lithium Ion battery Bolero B-PR
  • All 4 models have obtained an IP68 rating for dust and moisture resistance, meaning they are more robust and reliable than ever before
  • Choose from a large range of colours to match your hair and skin tones for a truly discreet result
  • Each model is available in a range of technology levels (B90, B70 and B50) to best suit your lifestyle and budget. Refer to the Features and Pricing button below for more details on the features and indicative pricing for each of the technology levels
  • Bolero B comes with the latest technology from Phonak including the groundbreaking operating system AutoSense OS for automatic and superior hearing clarity in a wide range of listening situations including noisy places such as restaurants.
  • Compatible with CROS B for Single Sided deafness
Belong Features and Pricing

Rechargeable Bolero B-PR

hearing aid batteries sydney

Never change batteries again. The Phonak Bolero B-PR has an integrated lithium ion battery that can provide up to 24 hours of listening on a single charge.
The Bolero B-PR is an ideal option for certain hearing aid wearers: those who are unable to physically manage changing batteries at regular intervals and those who absolutely rely on their hearing aids and cannot afford to get half way through their day or an important meeting and have the hearing indicate to them that the battery needs changing. With 24 hours of listening on a single charge, this is no longer an issue. All you have to do is to charge the hearing aids each evening at the end of your day like we do with other devices such as your mobile phone.

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A single charge takes only 3 hours and gives up to 24 hours uninterrupted listening. However if you are in a rush or forgot to charge your hearing aids, a quick 30 minute charge will give you up to 6 hours of listening.
In addition, Phonak offer a range of smart charging options to ensure you do not have to worry about running out of power:
Phonak Charger Case: an all-in-one charger, dehumidifier and protective hard case

Audeo B90 Rechargeable Hearing Aid
rechargable phonak audeo hearing aid sydney

Phonak Power Pack: attaches to the Charger  case and stores enough power for up to 7 full charges of a pair of Bolero B-PR hearing aids. This means wearers who are not always close to a convenient power source are covered.
Phonak Mini Charger: is a smaller option for those who require the most compact charging option.

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NEW AutoSense OS

Phonak AutoSense

Following on from the outstanding success of Phonak’s Venture platform of hearing aids which were the first to utilise the AutoSense operating system, Phonak have improved this further for the new Audeo B family of hearing aids. AutoSense OS automatically adapts to every sound environment, without the need for manual adjustment. The key improvements for the new AutoSense operating system inlcude

  • Improved understanding in noise: 60% improvement (versus without hearing aids)  in speech understanding in noise due to Belong’s ability to zoom in on a single voice in background noise
  • 20% better speech understanding: due to Belong’s ability to automatically  select the most appropriate settings in a large variety of listening situations
  • 37% reduction in listening effort in the car
  • 10% improvement in soft speech understanding
  • More natural music quality
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Phonak CROS B

CROS hearing aid technology is the best option for those that experience ‘single sided deafness’, and as a result their ear with the poorest hearing is unable to have a conventional hearing aid fitted. The audiologist at Focus Hearing have a unique understanding of this condition and can help you appreciate the benefits of Phonak’s new CROS B technology.

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When CROS B is fitted with an Audeo B device on the better ear, you are able to hear speech clearly no matter which direction it originates from, even of it is from the side with no hearing. This is due to Phonak’s unique Binaural VoiceStream Technology. Furthermore, the StereoZoom technology available with the B90 and B70 technology levels, allows those with single sided deafness to hear significantly better in background noise.

Wireless Communication Portfolio

All of the hearing aids on the Belong platform are compatible with Phonak’s full range of wireless accessories, including the Compilot II and ComPilot Air which allow you to stream audio and phone calls wirelessly from your Smartphone directly into your hearing aids.For more information on the available accessories click here:

Wireless Communication Portfolio
Phonak Communication Portfolio

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