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Oticon has released its brand new family of Power hearing aids called ‘Dynamo’ for those with a severe to profound hearing loss. It is available in the Behind-The-Ear style in a range of attractive colours. Dynamo is packed with groundbreaking technology and features which set the new standard for Power hearing aids. Dynamo boasts the highest ever output (143dB) from a BTE with a size 13 battery.

Focus Hearing offers Dynamo in 3 different technology levels (SP10, SP8 and SP6) and price points to allow anyone with a severe hearing loss to benefit. Every Dynamo hearing aid is compatible with Oticon’s ConnectLine, allowing you to wirelessly connect to Bluetooth enabled devices such as smart phones.

Oticon Dynamo Brochure
Dynamo Feature Set and Pricing

Unique Dynamo Features

Speech Rescue™

For those with a significant hearing loss, important speech sounds which are responsible for our understanding are often beyond the audible range of their hearing and also beyond the working range of power hearing aids. Speech Rescue corrects for this by shifting the important high frequency speech sounds such as /s/ and /sh/ from their origin to the lower frequencies regions where you can hear them clearly.

Speech Guard

After Speech rescue has moved the important high frequency sounds back into the the lower frequencies, Speech Guard then applies a specific amount of amplification to those sounds to move them into the person’s audible range. Therefore with Speech Rescue and Speech Guard working together, the Oticon Dynamo hearing aid offers unparalleled speech understanding for those with severe hearing losses.

YouMatic Premium

The YouMatic Premium feature within Dynamo, allows the audiologist at Focus Hearing to set the Dynamo hearing aids to each individual’s specific needs and listening preferences.

Inium Sense Feedback Shield

Oticon has developed an improved Feedback Shield specifically for the Dynamo hearing aids. Power hearing aids are particularly more susceptible to annoying whistling or feedback if you are giving loved one’s a hug or whenever something comes within close proximity to the hearing aids. Dynamo’s unique feedback shield controls unwanted feedback whilst maintaining superior clarity and comfort.


ConnectLine perfectly complements your Oticon Dynamo hearing instruments by allowing you to wirelessly stream phone calls, TV, music and many other devices directly to your hearing aids. The key component of ConnectLine is the Streamer Pro, a convenient, lightweight device looks similar to an MP3 player, the Streamer is worn around the neck, and features 3 dedicated buttons for the core applications: phone, TV and microphone. The new ConnectLine App for iPhone® takes your experience to the next level. Using the ConnectLine App for iPhone you can set the sound levels for your phone, TV, music and any other devices you are connected with.

Oticon ConnectLine App

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