How to take advantage of our services

With Focus Hearing you can use a variety of methods to get in contact with us for anything from a consultation/discussion, adjustment of your hearing aids, or troubleshooting an issue with your hearing aids.

We can arrange a consultation via the telephone, email or online (using Skype). Simply head to our Contact Us page to organise a consultation.


Save time and money by arranging a consultation at a time which suits you, in the comfort of your own home or office. No more waiting around in consulting rooms simply to discuss your options.

The consultation could be as simple as a quick question about a particular hearing aid or a comprehensive discussion about your hearing aid options. In which case the audiologist will ask you about your history including past hearing aid use, what you liked and didn’t like about your last hearing aids and what your needs and wants are for your next set of hearing aids

If you have not had your hearing tested by Focus Hearing previously and you have a copy of your last hearing test, we ask that you upload your results via our Contact Us page so our audiologist can review the results prior to the discussion. The audiologist would then be able to either recommend the hearing aids best suited to your needs and hearing levels or advise whether the hearing aid you have requested is suitable.

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Hearing aid adjustments

Imagine not having to wait for an appointment and go to your audiologists clinic for a minor hearing aid adjustment. In addition to offering premium levels of technology, the Starkey range of hearing aids have made this a reality.

An exciting development in hearing aid technology has been the ability to adjust the hearing aid remotely. Meaning, the audiologist can connect to your hearing aid from their office while you are in the comfort of your own home/office. With Focus Hearing adopting this technology, this  means significantly less trips to the audiologists office for an adjustment of your hearing aids. It also holds obvious benefits for those hearing aid users who do not live close to major cities which would otherwise make trips to the city both time consuming and costly.

Currently this technology is only available in the Starkey range of products, but we anticipate it will only be a matter of time before other manufacturer’s adopt this breakthrough.


After many years working in conventional hearing aid clinics, it became evident that when a hearing aid was faulty there was very often a simple solution requiring just a minor repair in order for it to be fixed. With the right information and guidance we have found that experienced hearing aid users are more than capable of rectifying such problems with their hearing aids. Therefore at Focus Hearing we offer on line consulting to assist with this and can also email you a video demonstration clearly explaining how to perform various minor repairs.

Of course all such minor repairs will not affect the manufacturer’s warranty, and if there is a more a more serious issue requiring a major repair this must be carried out by the manufacturer and Focus Hearing will organise this for you.


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